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2017 ITG Conference and New Accessory From Scodwell USA

Scodwell USA at the 2017 ITG Conference

Scodwell USA will once again be displaying his line-up of trumpets and flugelhorns at the upcoming ITG May 30-June 3 in Hershey, PA. Plan to visit the Scod in the Washington Music Center booth and “test drive” his horns. With the standard “Las Vegas” and “Boston” models on display, Tony will also have his re-creations of the famous models played by the great Harry James, both the earlier Selmer and later King balanced versions. 

Scodwell USA Releases New“Chop-Flex”© Accessory

Scodwell USA will also be introducing his new “Chop-Flex”© accessory. The “Chop-Flex”© is a tool designed for trumpet players to use prior to playing their trumpet which enables the player to loosen up with accurate intervals (which are always difficult with the mouthpiece alone) and replicate the resistance of blowing the actual trumpet. It can be used while driving to the gig or in the practice room.

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