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A Note From a Scodwell USA Owner

We want to give a special thanks to Richard Harris. Richard is a new to Scodwell USA and recently ordered the Boston Model through our great friends at Washington Music Center. Richard was kind enough to say the following about his new horn and send us a pic.

Tony Scodwell is a master of the trumpet, AND a master builder of fine trumpets.  When I discussed having Tony build me a new trumpet, I had the good fortune to meet with Lee Walkowich at Washington Music Center, and was able to play several of Tony’s instruments, in different configurations and bore sizes.  They were all GREAT HORNS!  But the Boston model in the .464 large bore had such a beautiful, well rounded, honey dipped tone, with nice wide slots, intonation that was spot on, and a very even consistent blow throughout the full range of the instrument, I knew it was the horn for me!  Tony was terrific throughout the building and his personal testing of my new Boston model, and I’ll give it to you straight – this is one very well made horn, and one very fine playing instrument!  So talk with Lee at Washington Music Center, or talk with Tony Scodwell about your sound, and your style of playing, and he can build a magnificent trumpet just for you!  Because you ain’t gettin’ mine!

Richard Harris
Richard Harris with a Scodwell USA Boston Model

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