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Limited Edition Models

If you’re looking for something a little different, you’re looking in the right place. Scodwell USA makes several limited editions of its world-renowned instruments for musicians and collectors alike, drawing inspiration from innovative craftsmanship techniques as well as notable performers of the past.


The new Scodwell USA Bb/G Bugle is available in clear lacquer or silver plated and a hard single case is supplied. Complete with an extra key of G slide it plays equally well in either key. Ideal for players wanting to honor veterans or for ceremonial use.


The Scodwell USA “Euro” Flugelhorn in Bb. Inspired from the original Tony Scodwell design for a major company in the late 60’s, this is Scodwell USA’s answer to those needing a flugelhorn with the correct blow and intonation but not needing to spend the money on an instrument used only occasionally.  It provides the player with a flugelhorn that meets every situation at an affordable price.  The bell is from new/old stock Reynold’s Emperor model flugelhorns made on the same mandrel as the popular Olds of the same period but in yellow brass.  Leadpipes are from the Scodwell USA line of instruments produced for many years.  Valve blocks are .460 bore with horizontal slides but the overall feel is of a much smaller bore size allowing freedom of blow from low F# to above the staff with the lush sound quality you would expect.  The supply of these wonderful bells is limited and only six will be produced.

The C Model

The newest model from Scodwell USA line of fine trumpets and flugelhorns.  Designed for symphony and studio players looking for a distinctive C trumpet.  Take a look at the video below where Tony talks about Scodwell USA’s new C Model.

The Diz

Made as a tribute to jazz artist Dizzy Gillespie, the innovative detachable bell with special screw fitting facilitates storing the instrument in a single trumpet case. Offered in a raw brass finish with optional clear lacquer, silver or gold plating. .460- bore; 23-gauge bell.

 The Balanced

Inspired by the trumpets played by Harry James and Louis Armstrong. Longer bell tail and modified tuning slide assembly give this instrument a more openness to the slotting while retaining projection, focus and brilliant sound quality. Available in all finishes.

  • Bore Size: .460 size, optional- .464


Plays with full, clear sound and impeccable intonation. Supplied with Bb and A lead pipes with both cornet and trumpets shanks.

  • Bore Size: .435


Update your trumpet with a “Scodwell Legends” mouthpiece.

The “Chop-Flex”

Scodwell USA introduced the “Chop-Flex” buzzing tool to great response at the ITG several years ago. The original utilized a Delrin insert within a trumpet mouthpiece receiver along with a finger ring to allow the player a device which replicated the resistance of the actual trumpet along with proper interval and scale placement of the notes. The new version has exchanged the Delrin insert for one machined from a bronze billet and enhances the feeling the player gets on the embouchure.

Personalization Options

At Scodwell USA you can elect to personalize your trumpet through some of the following options.
  • Custom Engraving
  • Option on Finger Buttons
  • Options on Slide Rings and Harps
  • Waterkey Options
  • Heavy Weight Caps

Past Projects

Here are some past projects created by Scodwell USA.


For more information on ordering a Limited Edition trumpet or customizing your future Scodwell USA, please use fill out our form on our Contact Page.

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