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The Scod and Friends Celebrating Harry James 100th Birthday

Back on March 15, Tony “The Scod” and some of his friends took some time out to visit and pay tribute to Harry James on his 100th birthday.

“He certainly was amongst friends and the little splash of Smirnoff on his “home”, well I’m sure he appreciated that.”, Tony Scodwell

In the Group Photo from left to right

  • Allan Yeager (Played trumpet with HJ from 1969-72)
  • John Tsitouras (A scientist who admired HJ from the Benny Goodman times)
  • Rocky Lombardo (Who as a kid sat on the bandstand all night in Denver listening to HJ’s band and Harry kept buying him Cokes)
  • Tony Scodwell (Joined the Harry James’s band in 1964 on trumpet and played 1st trumpet after re-joining the band in 1968 shown holding the King Balanced trumpet that was Harry’s personal instrument)



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