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Scodwell USA Introduces the Scodwell USA C Trumpet

A few weeks ago at the ITG Conference in Anaheim, CA, Scodwell USA introduced their C Trumpet to great reviews.

Scodwell USA C Trumpet

The trumpet has a broad sound quality which can “brighten” up with subtle mouthpiece changes. Monel valves and nickel outer 1st and 3rd slides (yellow brass inner slides) are lapped in for ultimate smoothness and quick action.

Players from the Hollywood studios to top flight orchestras gave this new Scodwell USA C trumpet very high marks for the overall intonation and tone quality.


  • .462 bore
  • Rose brass bell
  • Yellow brass leadpipe (Scodwell design)
  • Silver plate
  • 1st slide tuning harp
  • 3rd slide tuning ring

As with all Scodwell USA instruments, each trumpet is the product of numerous hours of play testing and careful assembly assuring the highest possible quality for the demanding professional.

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