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Andrew Woodard

I have known Tony Scodwell for 35 years and sat next to him in the trumpet section for a good portion of that time at the Frontier Hotel in Las Vegas. My frequent business visits to Las Vegas are not complete without a visit to the Scodshop to try the latest and greatest Scodwell horn off the line. Needless to say, I was blessed to be presented with a custom-built Scodwell trumpet for my 50th birthday, the horn I still play today.

To build a quality trumpet or flugelhorn is one thing; to be a skilled, accomplished and renown trumpet player is another. To combine the two creates a perfect combination for creating a stellar instrument that performs in any setting. In fact, a casual comment about wanting a rotary valve flugelhorn, lead to Tony creating what I call the Scodmati, a rotary valve flugelhorn created from salvaged vintage Amati cornet rotary valves and an Olds Fullerton flugelhorn bell that, literally, turns heads when I play it. I have had players and audience members alike come up to me wanting to know what kind of horn is making that beautiful sound. It is the Scodmati…a one-of-a-kind built by one-of-a-kind!

And therein lies the key: a craftsman and musician who can play, adjust, tweak, and customize a horn to your idiosyncrasies, your playing style, and needs. You won’t get that with the big name instrument makers who market to the masses. Thank you, Tony, for your musicianship, craftsmanship, mentoring and friendship over the years and may we have many more together.

Andrew WoodardReno Jazz Orchestra, Player and Brand Member
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