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Hank Mautner

My first contact with you and your horns was at the ITG conference in Columbus. I play in Cincinnati’s Blue Wisp Big Band and perform as a lead and jazz player in a wide variety of regional groups. Of all the horns I tried at ITG, the Scodwell Standard felt and sounded best to me. I took it home to try, as I had a heavy playing week coming up in a variety of settings and figured I could give it a good workout. In every instance my fellow musicians were impressed – from a high-powered wedding band to an all-Ellington program to a special BWBB performance with an audience including George Clooney, they all commented on how centered the sound was, how well it projected, and how easy it was to “latch onto.” From my perspective, it took significantly less effort to project the sound to the back of the room. From the audience perspective, people I trust tell me the sound has enormous ring and a very solid core (one is a very fine lead trumpet player himself – his only comment was, “buy it”!) (…which I did!…) Kudos to you for creating such a fabulous instrument, and to Lee Walkowich and the folks at Washington Music for their terrific service in arranging the transaction. Next up – the flugel?!

Thank you, Tony – warmest regards

Hank MautnerCincinnati's Blue Wisp Big Band
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