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Jan Glaessel

…….”In 2008 I worked as musical Director in Las Vegas for The Tom Dane Show. During my stay in Vegas I was introduced to Tony Scodwell, and made an instant connection. Coming from Denmark I never experienced the journey of having a trumpet custom built for me – a journey I never will forget.

The moment I played the horn for the first time, I was completely hooked!!! All notes in all registers responded just perfectly, and tuning, slotting and precision was no longer a problem for me. And being a session musician I just got so many comments on the brilliance of the sound comming from my horn.

When I got back to Denmark I just had to have one of Tonys C trumpets – a horn that I constantly uses for church concerts and recordings. All Tony?s horns are made with the true heart of a brilliant trumpet player and musician – and they have, in the making only been touched by him from start to finish, a detail I just love and appreciate.

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