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John Meyers

I am the proud owner of a TONY SCODWELL trumpet. I have a SCODWELL USA Bb Standard Model, #0184 to be exact. The first thing I notice in playing the horn is the response. It responds immediately and is a very “free blowing” trumpet. To me it produces a BIG WARM sound very efficiently with its.460 bore size. It also has plenty of ZIP when I feel I need to project more. The intonation is wonderful and I use a minimum of alternate fingerings. I really enjoy the balance of the horn as I hold it in my left hand. I am very happy with the valves.

Since I acquired my Scodwell several of my friends have purchased Scodwell’s and I have found a recurring theme of wonderful quality control and very consistent sound production in every one of them.

I highly recommend SCODWELL USA trumpets for all players – from beginners to top notch professionals.

John MeyersFreelance Trumpet Player & Director of Beloit College Jazz BandBeloit, WI
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