As you may know my fiancé and I are getting married on the 23 of December. I had not planned on playing at my own wedding however, I feel I have something very special to share with others, I will be playing Ave Maria on my new Las Vegas [Standard Model Trumpet]. I have more faith in that trumpet than any horn I have ever owned.  I really cannot comprehend how you can build a horn whose intonation is absolutely impeccable whether I am playing Mezzo Piano or full Fortisimo.

She is so versatile too. I can part sax players hair with a shallow mouthpiece or have honey pour from the bell with a deeper cup and a more open back bore.

Thank you for your genius and a wonderfully playing trumpet.

Gerald Maffeo

I have played Scodwell trumpets and flugelhorns for ten years. I own several of Tony’s instruments and have found them to be far better than any other horns I have played. The feel, response and projection of his horns have to be experienced to truly appreciate the craftsmanship that Tony puts into each one. On long gigs, where other horns would get harder to play as fatigue sets in, the Scodwell continues to respond and play as easily on the last set as it did in the first.

In addition to being a world class trumpet player and horn builder, Tony is also a great guy on a personal level. This only adds to the satisfaction and pleasure of playing the finest trumpets on the planet!

Steve KaufmanLead Trumpet, Tom Cunningham Orchestra and member of several Washington, DC area rock and big bands

I am the proud owner of a TONY SCODWELL trumpet. I have a SCODWELL USA Bb Standard Model, #0184 to be exact. The first thing I notice in playing the horn is the response. It responds immediately and is a very “free blowing” trumpet. To me it produces a BIG WARM sound very efficiently with its.460 bore size. It also has plenty of ZIP when I feel I need to project more. The intonation is wonderful and I use a minimum of alternate fingerings. I really enjoy the balance of the horn as I hold it in my left hand. I am very happy with the valves.

Since I acquired my Scodwell several of my friends have purchased Scodwell’s and I have found a recurring theme of wonderful quality control and very consistent sound production in every one of them.

I highly recommend SCODWELL USA trumpets for all players – from beginners to top notch professionals.

John MeyersFreelance Trumpet Player & Director of Beloit College Jazz BandBeloit, WI

…….”In 2008 I worked as musical Director in Las Vegas for The Tom Dane Show. During my stay in Vegas I was introduced to Tony Scodwell, and made an instant connection. Coming from Denmark I never experienced the journey of having a trumpet custom built for me – a journey I never will forget.

The moment I played the horn for the first time, I was completely hooked!!! All notes in all registers responded just perfectly, and tuning, slotting and precision was no longer a problem for me. And being a session musician I just got so many comments on the brilliance of the sound comming from my horn.

When I got back to Denmark I just had to have one of Tonys C trumpets – a horn that I constantly uses for church concerts and recordings. All Tony?s horns are made with the true heart of a brilliant trumpet player and musician – and they have, in the making only been touched by him from start to finish, a detail I just love and appreciate.

Jan GlaesselJGMusik ApS

I’ve owned your Scodwell trumpet for a year now and I play it almost everyday. To this day, I still am AMAZED (and very thankful!) at how fantastic my Scodwell trumpet plays for me. You really made an incredible trumpet!! The fantastic response and wonderful sound is beyond any horn I have ever played in my life.

Dr. Daniel KeberleDirector Jazz Studies, trumpetWhitworth University

I have known Tony Scodwell for 35 years and sat next to him in the trumpet section for a good portion of that time at the Frontier Hotel in Las Vegas. My frequent business visits to Las Vegas are not complete without a visit to the Scodshop to try the latest and greatest Scodwell horn off the line. Needless to say, I was blessed to be presented with a custom-built Scodwell trumpet for my 50th birthday, the horn I still play today.

To build a quality trumpet or flugelhorn is one thing; to be a skilled, accomplished and renown trumpet player is another. To combine the two creates a perfect combination for creating a stellar instrument that performs in any setting. In fact, a casual comment about wanting a rotary valve flugelhorn, lead to Tony creating what I call the Scodmati, a rotary valve flugelhorn created from salvaged vintage Amati cornet rotary valves and an Olds Fullerton flugelhorn bell that, literally, turns heads when I play it. I have had players and audience members alike come up to me wanting to know what kind of horn is making that beautiful sound. It is the Scodmati…a one-of-a-kind built by one-of-a-kind!

And therein lies the key: a craftsman and musician who can play, adjust, tweak, and customize a horn to your idiosyncrasies, your playing style, and needs. You won’t get that with the big name instrument makers who market to the masses. Thank you, Tony, for your musicianship, craftsmanship, mentoring and friendship over the years and may we have many more together.

Andrew WoodardReno Jazz Orchestra, Player and Brand Member

The Scodwell instruments are designed to answer every need a trumpet or flugelhorn player might have. Add to this the outstanding craftsmanship and consistency in each instrument, and you have in my opinion, the finest trumpets and flugelhorns made anywhere in the world today. Each trumpet and flugelhorn is given very personal and meticulous attention to every detail before it leaves the shop. These instruments function in any genre, from classical, to commercial, as well as an intimate jazz setting. The Scodwell trumpets and flugelhorns have a depth of sound and consistency in all registers that is unmatched in any other trumpet on the market today. This all makes sense, since the master craftsman is also a master musician! Bravo, Tony!

Rocky Lombardo

In my long career I have played many trumpets. The Scodwell trumpet has demonstrated to be the most consistent trumpet that I have played. The tone quality and craftsmanship is unsurpassed.”

Recently, Fred ordered a new Scodwell USA trumpet and had the following to say:

“Tony, thank you for the beautiful trumpet. It’s like the Lamborghini of trumpets and I can hardly wait to “drive” it everyday.”

Fred RadkeLecturer, Jazz Studies- University of WashingtonLeader- Harry James Orchestra

My first contact with you and your horns was at the ITG conference in Columbus. I play in Cincinnati’s Blue Wisp Big Band and perform as a lead and jazz player in a wide variety of regional groups. Of all the horns I tried at ITG, the Scodwell Standard felt and sounded best to me. I took it home to try, as I had a heavy playing week coming up in a variety of settings and figured I could give it a good workout. In every instance my fellow musicians were impressed – from a high-powered wedding band to an all-Ellington program to a special BWBB performance with an audience including George Clooney, they all commented on how centered the sound was, how well it projected, and how easy it was to “latch onto.” From my perspective, it took significantly less effort to project the sound to the back of the room. From the audience perspective, people I trust tell me the sound has enormous ring and a very solid core (one is a very fine lead trumpet player himself – his only comment was, “buy it”!) (…which I did!…) Kudos to you for creating such a fabulous instrument, and to Lee Walkowich and the folks at Washington Music for their terrific service in arranging the transaction. Next up – the flugel?!

Thank you, Tony – warmest regards

Hank MautnerCincinnati's Blue Wisp Big Band

I’ve been playing Scodwell trumpets for almost twenty years now. In any playing situation the Scodwell is the horn for me. Showroom, lounge or recording studio this horn can cut through when needed and be soft and subtle when called for. This is the kind of horn that makes you forget it’s even there!

Tom DeliberoTerry Fator Show Band
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